Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Goodies

WHAT??? They are not supposed to be here!

Mini glass ball ornaments and glass icicles from Woolworth.

Vintage glass balls, I have a big collection of these but wont use them, because of my dog, his tail is a major weapon when it comes hitting balls off the tree.

I dont know if these are old or not, little strawberries with velvet green leaves. Plus I am having a hard time telling if they are glass or plastic, you would think that would be easy.

Okay, I dont know why those pictures popped up on the top, but it looks like I need more practice with Blogger, guess it will take time. Although it seems I need more time to get things done anymore. Since my mom passed away my dad has been on a cleaning frenzy, mostly her clothes. My mom was a pack rat with clothes, and just to give you an example she had 141 Bras!!!!! So I have been busy helping my dad clean. Then, just when I thought I was done with the hospitals for awhile, my husband had a motorcycle accident. A deer hit him, and he thinks the deer actually hit HIM, because the bike is not messed up. He wound up with a fractured hip bone and his whole right side is bruised. They didnt want to operate to put a screw in his hip, just want it to heal on his own, therefore, he is on crutches for 6 weeks. Plus he has to give himself shots in the stomach twice a day for 4 weeks. He was joking around wanting me to do it, but aagghhh, NO, I am not a nurse!!

Well, I have been stopping at the Flea Market on Saturdays before I take the boys bowling and have gotten a few christmas things lately. I seemed to have missed Halloween, I got the attic door open but havent had the time to get the decorations out....Bummer...So, those pictures you see at the top of the page are my recent christmas finds!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New Start

Well, this is something I have been wanting to do for awhile and now AOL has given me a reason......get a new blog.  They are shutting down their blogs at the end of this month.  I was always getting emails from people who were not able to make a comment on the blog, apparently AOL made it quite difficult if you werent an AOL member.  I believe I will be moving over to blogger since it is FREE!!  And since I am computer challenged I am going to have to learn how to use their program, which may take awhile.  I'm not sure I will be able to move all my posts from here to the new blog, that would be another computer dilema for me to deal with.  All in all, I am looking forward to starting a new one, and will hopefully be easier to use.

On a sad note....I have posted before about my parents health.  About 6 weeks ago they told us that my mom didnt have long to live and of course our first reaction was disbelief since she was mentally alert and not complaining much.  She was in the end stage of Kidney disease, and the dialysis wasnt working anymore, she had COPD and her lungs were damaged, her heart was bad, her liver was failing and she was retaining fluid.  We never told my mom how bad she was.  They kept her in the hospital the past month because my mom believed she was getting better and we had told them not to tell her the truth so she would stay in good spirits.   I took my kids to see her as often as I could since she would get so excited when they were around.  The day that I took the kids to Mt. Vernon we went by the hospital to see her, this would be the last time they would get to see her.  My daughter had taken her camera with her and starting taking pictures of my mom blowing bubbles with her gum.  This was on Sunday. The rest of the week she was feeling well and eating good, and they were talking about sending her to a rehab for a few days to get her strength back and then home. On Friday as I was on my way to the hospital they doctor called me on my cell phone and told me to pull over, I pretty much knew what this meant, needless to say the rest of the way to the hospital was a blurr......it still doesnt seem real to me and everytime the phone rings I think it is her calling.  This week has been about helping my dad, he is the type of person who has to be doing something (even though he is 83), and the other day that "something" was having me clean out my moms bathroom.  A job I really didnt want to do, but if it is what he wants then I need to do it.  So now I have to keep an eye on him, I dont like that he is living in a big 2 story house by hisself, but he says he wants to stay there for now. 

Now, back to trying to get things normal again.  My poor kids have only had half of my attention......which is starting to show in their behavior..Yikes!

I am going to start playing around with blogger and see if I can navigate it, hopefully there will be an easy way to add everyone's blog address...feel free to leave me any TIPS!!   I will need it.