Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A "Secret" Obsession

Well, I guess its not really a secret.  If I knew that I wouldnt get shot I would mosey around old and abandoned building and houses around here.  And there are a lot of them around here.  There are a few in our town that still have furniture and things in them.  Which I find really weird since the person passed away and the relatives live on the same farm, but just never bothered to move the stuff out....goodness I hoped they at least cleaned out the refrigerator!!   I have even corrupted my kids that now they are always on the lookout for old buildings.  When I lived in Florida there was on old Army hospital that was abandoned at a local airport and I would go over there and wander around in it while my parents were working...I thought it was so neat they still had the hospital beds in there, medical supplies and charts were strew everywhere, although, that was 30 years ago and I am pretty sure I wouldnt go in there now.  The coolest building I have LEGALLY been  is in Philadelphia at a old mental hospital that has been shut down called Byberry (i think).  At Halloween they transformed it into a haunted house, such a cool building and obviously some of the "actors" were previous mental patients.  We had a lot of fun the few years we went there. Hmm...I will have to check and see if they still do it and maybe my kids would want to make a road trip and do that this halloween.

 Here is a couple of pictures of an old general store that we pass on our way to the boat ramp.  I just wonder what sort of things they sold and what it was like when they were open. 

Somebody obviously cuts the grass....think they'd let me in!!  Well, I think I am the worlds worst when it comes to keeping up on my blog, but hopefully in a few days I will get my August giveaway posted. Have a great week!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Am I obsessed?

Well, my kids and husband think so.  I was going to clean up my "Raggedy Room" today but them the voices in my head voted against it....and I listen to them.  So I took a few pictures to show you a small smidgen of my collection. I do have a few pieces from my childhood, but most I have gotten off ebay, thrift stores, and received as gifts.  It has really gotten out of hand though, just a complete and utter mess, needs to be dusted, re-arranged, and weeded through.  I am sure I have lots of doubles that I could get rid of.    Here are a few pictures of my "really raggedy right now" raggedy ann collection....Now, I am off to see a play with my kids and neighbors...."Gypsy", about Gypsy Rose Lee, it said "No Nudity", I wonder if there is partial nudity, well, if there is, my boys will sure enjoy that...will let you know:

Have a great Sunday!!