Sunday, August 3, 2008

Am I obsessed?

Well, my kids and husband think so.  I was going to clean up my "Raggedy Room" today but them the voices in my head voted against it....and I listen to them.  So I took a few pictures to show you a small smidgen of my collection. I do have a few pieces from my childhood, but most I have gotten off ebay, thrift stores, and received as gifts.  It has really gotten out of hand though, just a complete and utter mess, needs to be dusted, re-arranged, and weeded through.  I am sure I have lots of doubles that I could get rid of.    Here are a few pictures of my "really raggedy right now" raggedy ann collection....Now, I am off to see a play with my kids and neighbors...."Gypsy", about Gypsy Rose Lee, it said "No Nudity", I wonder if there is partial nudity, well, if there is, my boys will sure enjoy that...will let you know:

Have a great Sunday!!


ljjellybean71 said...

Hi there.  I was doing a journal search ~ looking for people who shared some of the same interests as me and I came acrossed  this one.   Your Raggedy collection is amazing.     What really caught my eye was your black lab in the,  my black lab lives in ours ( actually.. it is his pool)  


karla512 said...

Seeing your collection brings back memories of my Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls perched in the corner of my room.

hwoodred said...

My, oh, my!  Now that's a Raggedy Anne collection for sure!  I don't have any collections of anything this big!  You must have been collecting for many  years!  Hope you're enjoying these last days of summer with the kids!!!!!

peterndiane said...

OMG what a wonderful collection! How long have you been collecting? I have my original Raggedy Ann Doll, she had been repaired because my sisters dog got it and thought it was her toy. So she has had a bit of a patch job. I will have to share a pix  with you. Hope you had  fub at the play, I love Gypsy.
Hugs, Diane

bookwrm999 said...

oh what an adorable Raggedy Ann and Andy Collection...aren't we all obsessed with something or other..don't worry Mary you are not alone! Enjoyed seeing your collection...they are all adorable!    Hugs, Linda
PS I will be adding your blog to my fav blogs this week..finally getting caught up soon