Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boo Hoo---I'm Sad

I have no idea what to do with myself, didnt realize how much I depended on my computer now that I dont have one.  Me and the kids went for a little road trip last week for a few days to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to see some relatives and when I came back my computer was sick.  My neighbor said it is probably the power supply since the monitor and printer still work, the tower just wont turn on.  Apparently we had a storm while I was gone.  I pulled out my old computer (almost 11 years old) and played on it for a few days, but it is just toooo tired to do the things I want it to do, and it is pre-digital cameras and doesnt have one of those slots to put your media card.  So I cant even upload the pictures of the goodies I got on my trip.  Anyway, my neighbor is supposed to come look and my computer and see if it is the power supply.  I am secretly hoping its not worth bothering with and then I can go get the laptop I have been wanting!!!  I have been using the librarys computers to check emails and such.  Well, one thing about not having computer access 24/7 .....I have been getting some cleaning and sorting done.  The kids room are LOOKING GOOD!!!....Well, we only have a limited amount of computer time at the library, so I am off to pick up my home interior candles and then do some shopping (alone, with no kids!!!)   Be sure to check back, I am getting things together for my April Blog Giveaway....some cute things!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ticks, Snakes & Goodies

Kind of a mixed up title huh?  Well we have had some nice weather for the past few weeks so now that my foot is healed I have been taking the puppy for walks through the trails in the woods.  Yesterday we encountered a raccoon and the puppy immediately thought "PLAYMATE", of course I was thinking "RABIES", but after a few hisses and swats from the raccoon he left well enough alone.  Unfortunately when I got home I was just feeling icky, like something was crawling on me, and it was, I found 2 ticks.  I hate ticks, too much like having little spiders crawling on you and I would rather deal with snakes than spiders.  Now comes my story about the snake.  Last June my husband had come home after my daughters 6th grade graduation and when I walked in the back door of the kitchen I see about a 4 foot black snake laying in front of my sink.  My husband gets the broom, I dont know what he planned to do...sweep him out the back door.  But anyway, the snake decided to go in between a crack between our dishwasher and cabinet.  So, I get my flashlight and lay down on the floor and shine it in the crack and theres the snake looking at me.  My husband was just like "he found his way in, he can find his way out".  I dont mind snakes, I am more scared of spiders, but I didnt want the snake camping out in my kitchen, what if I got up in the middle of the night and wanted a drink and stepped on him.  Anyway, I think he eventually did find his way out because sometimes in the morning I would find him sunning himself by the pool, and a few times he was in my flower beds when I was pulling weeds, but I quickly shooed him out because I knew he was after my frogs.  I figure he has plenty of mice to eat with all the corn fields around our house.  SO, at the end of the summer, I was doing laundry one day and when I picked up a shirt off the floor (laundry room is an old enclosed back porch and is attached to the kitchen) and there lays a baby snake.  I didnt think anything of it and put him outside, but the next few days I found a few more on the back porch, which makes me wonder where the mama is and why they are in my laundry room.  Never did figure that one out either, but hopefully they will stay outside this summer, but this is a 60 year old farmhouse with lots of nooks and crannies they can get in. Of course you know that my kids thought the snakes were "totally cool" and we should keep them as pets.....NOT!!  Now that I have probably gave everyone the heebie jeebies, on to nicer things.

I received a "Sparkle" award from Diane at  Thank You so much Diane, I am thrilled!!  If you havent visited her blog, go now, because she makes the cutest creations with old cards, lace, crepe paper and vintage trims.  Always such cute things to look at.  Now I need to pass the award along to:

Suzy at  she has interesting itme on her blog this week...go check it out!!

Beth at  the cutest pincushions you will ever see!!

Sadie at  her Betsy's are becoming a household name.

Lori at  she makes the cutest boxes!

Karla at  lots of pretty creations in her etsy shop.

Linda at  adorable felted folksies!

Julie at  she doesnt have a blog, but she has a etsy shop and makes some of the sweetest houses!!

Well, I have been making chenille bunnies like crazy, even though they are fake, they seem to multiply like crazy.  But thats a good thing.....thanks everyone for enjoying and ordering them.  My little baskets got put on the back burner, but I did finish a pink one the other day while waiting for the is a picture, it is in my etsy shop now...okay I dont know why that little picture is there, but oh well.

This is my recent bargain of the week....found this jewelry at the bottom of a box at a church sale, one of the earrings is missing a stone, but for .50 a pair, too good to pass up.

And last, I have been wanting a pink princess phone for my bedroom for about 5 years, but they always seem to go up pretty high on ebay, plus they are hard wired and would have to be converted.  BUT, now Target has an updated version, so when I saw it advertised I went and bought me one.  And there are times when we need a "regular" phone since the kids (and me) carry the cordless ones all over the house and leave them wherever we happen to be when the call ends, this results in dead phones all the time, so now I can still call someone when the cordless ones are dead. 

Well, only a few more days of freedom, the kids start their spring break Friday and continues for 10 DAYS....I am thinking about a trip to Williamsburg, VA for a visit to the pottery factory, or to Denton on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to visit my sister, she says the have some really nice thrift stores!  See you in a few days!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Easter Goodie Winner

Just a quick post to congratulate Tricia from Genedoll1, she was the winner of the Easter Goodies.  I am going to try and do a give-away each month, so be sure to keep checking back.  I will be back this weekend to update with some thrift store goodies and a Sparkle award that I received from Diane at Saturday Finds that needs to be passed along.  Thank You everyone for your comments and well wishes for my parents. 

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Easter Goodie Give-Away


Sorry for this small picture, I was choosing "medium" but the elf that lives in my computer is acting up today and doing the opposite of whatever I want.  My kids love the Spiderwick Chronicles and anything to do with fairys, brownies, etc.  I would just like to have those little brownies that clean your house and keep things in order for you.   Anywhoo, just a quick post for an Easter Goodie Bag Give-Away.  There is a cute little cardboard Easter Basket filled with pink Easter grass and a Boyds Bear, new kitchent tea towel, bundles of vintage ribbons, vintage dennison easter seals, chenille chicks, wooden easter eggs, little pink plastic bears, vintage pink flower sequins, and a few other surprise goodies.  Just leave a comment on the blog and I will pick a winner on Wednesday.  Since Easter is early this year, I would like to get it mailed out in time to enjoy them for a few weeks.