Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boo Hoo---I'm Sad

I have no idea what to do with myself, didnt realize how much I depended on my computer now that I dont have one.  Me and the kids went for a little road trip last week for a few days to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to see some relatives and when I came back my computer was sick.  My neighbor said it is probably the power supply since the monitor and printer still work, the tower just wont turn on.  Apparently we had a storm while I was gone.  I pulled out my old computer (almost 11 years old) and played on it for a few days, but it is just toooo tired to do the things I want it to do, and it is pre-digital cameras and doesnt have one of those slots to put your media card.  So I cant even upload the pictures of the goodies I got on my trip.  Anyway, my neighbor is supposed to come look and my computer and see if it is the power supply.  I am secretly hoping its not worth bothering with and then I can go get the laptop I have been wanting!!!  I have been using the librarys computers to check emails and such.  Well, one thing about not having computer access 24/7 .....I have been getting some cleaning and sorting done.  The kids room are LOOKING GOOD!!!....Well, we only have a limited amount of computer time at the library, so I am off to pick up my home interior candles and then do some shopping (alone, with no kids!!!)   Be sure to check back, I am getting things together for my April Blog Giveaway....some cute things!


karla512 said...

How ever did we live without computers, cell phones, e-mail?  I ask myself this all the time!

peterndiane said...

Mary, I am so sorry about your dead computer, I sure do know what that is like. Remember about a month ago mine stopped working. But I do have spares around here you see my husband does photography & some graphic design. And he is a computer wizard. We miss you hurry up and get that NEW computer.
Hugs, Diane

faeriewindow said...

Mary, that is so sad:( no wonder you are crying!!! i hope your computer stays sick so that you can get the laptop you want!!!

peterndiane said...

Ok now we all miss you ):
Hugs, Diane