Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Baby Things

After 6 months, my dad and I are finally finished cleaning out my moms rooms, she just had so much stuff, I even found her report cards from 1937-1939, First Communion Certificate from 1936, and lots of other neat papers. Also came across some of my baby things...not in the greatest shape, but considering how OLD they are...lol!! Here are a few of the things.
Poor Baby, looks like the moths have gotten to her clothes, you wind her up and she crawls, I played with her until I was about 6-7, she used to have a hat, but I guess that is long gone.

The little kitty is also not in the best shape, but when you wind her up she still walks. I am going to find a spot in my bedroom to put these.
I LOVE the little hairbrushes, I didnt have any hair, so they didnt get used much as a baby. My aunt made the little shaw, hat and matching booties. She is 83 and still makes baby blankets, baby clothes....."just in case" anyone has a baby.

There were quite a few of these little cotton shirts, but I thought these were the cutest, one on the left has a little rabbit and that pocket on the other one is just too cute. They are stained, as is all of them, I am afraid to wash them though.
I think I like the box the shoes came in better than the shoes. You can tell which ones were my "walker" shoes. My parents believed kids should have shoes on the second they were born...well, I raised my kids the opposite, they never had any shoes until they were walking well on their own. As soon as my first child starting showing signs that she was thinking about walking, my mom said I had to go to Stride-Rite and get those $60 shoes...NOT! I am barefoot most of the time and so are my kids, therefore they wont have any baby shoes to reminisce about.

And last is my rattle engraved with my name and date of birth and the little bracelet they put on you in the hospital....how cute, I guess they would be considered a safety hazard these days thats why we get those generic plastic bands! Hope I didnt bore you too much with my baby blabbing, its just kinda neat to come across things that you thought were long gone.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

And the Winner Was...

No, I didn't forget the drawing on Monday, the winner was Carrie of Cottage Cozy, she should be receiving it soon. I spent most of last week finishing up Easter crafts, I have run out of chenille so I guess I am done with Easter. These items are in my lollishops shop.

I finished cleaning out my mothers closet and we came across a bunch of my baby clothes, and toys....lots of neat things, will post them later. Another rainy weekend...boo hoo!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Back!

I have an excuse for not keeping up with the blog thing....been busy with Easter Swaps, Easter crafts and it is also that time of the year that the school board gets project crazy. I had a Black History project, Science Fair project and Famous Woman project. 2 of the 3 are done, and I might add that "I" won 2nd place in the science fair. And I do mean "I" since my sons only input into the project was running around the room telling me what to type, then I had to print it all out and arrange it all according to the County Code on the tri-fold backboard. I always save the previous years so I have a sample to work from, so as soon as I finished this years, we went outside and had a bonfire with it, how fun to watch it burn!! I dont know if I will be able to burn this years since it has a pretty red ribbon on it. Anyway, now for the give-away...a little basket purse filled with goodies, a bunny balloon ornament that I made, and a few other surprises not shown. Just leave a comment. I will pick the winner on Monday.

Sorry, but this little duck is MINE!! I have been trying to find the bunny like this for years, except it is made out of a clorox bottle. Last year I bid on a bunny one, but I would only go up to $30 and it went beyond that. Well this year I won the little duck off ebay and a few days ago I won the kits to make a bunny and a duck with the clorox bottles. It looks kinda complicated, but I remember making them as a kid, so hopefully it will come back to me. I just dont like reading instructions!!!!