Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Catchin Up

We have had a really nice week here weather wise, in the 60's & 70's, sure makes up for that cold blast we had a few weeks ago. Last weekend I went to Fredericksburg to go shopping at the DC Big Flea, they had about 40 vendors and their prices arent too bad, but I only took $100 with me and vowed not to use the ATM (because they charge too high fees). I guess I did good, I came back with $10 and considering it costs $14 to get in since they charged me for my 13 yr old daughter, plus I spent another $20 on them, buying little trinkets.
It has been almost 5 months since my mom passed away and my dad and I are still sorting through her stuff. We finally finished up last week with the jewelry. My mom LOVED jewelry, and we had to be careful when we were getting rid of things because we found 3 diamond rings stashed in a makeup bag that was on its way to the thrift store....can you imagine!!! I have 4 shoe boxes full of jewelry to sort through. She mostly had real stuff, but I like the costume jewelry. Here are two boxes of what I have sorted through. I love the rhinestone sets and the crystal sets. I dont want to put them in the jewelry box, I would like to display them somehow. I remember playing with alot of this jewelry as a kid, and I always made sure I put it away so I wouldnt mess it up.

During the cold days I did manage to work on a few Easter crafts. One is the bunny balloon. I have a few christmas ornaments like this, so I thought, why not Easter. I am still not sure if they are the way I want them to be, still searching through my easter things for some more embellishments.
Well, hope everyone is having a good week....and hope everyone gets lots of Chocolate on Valentines Day!