Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday Yardsale finds

The boys have started their baseball games and of course they are EVERY Saturday!!!  Which can really mess up yardsaling.  This weekends game was at 11:30, but we had to be at the bowling alley at 9am to get their awards since bowling season is over.  SO, I woke the kids up at 7am and we were out the door at 7:45am.  I wanted to hit a few yardsales along the way.  We stopped at about 3 on the way and then stopped at the church thrift store on the way to the ballfield.  Luckily they love going to yardsales, so its not a big chore to get them up and going.   Plus, they got alot of goodies too...youngest son got a gameboy advance for $5 (didnt need one but it was such a bargain, now we have spares), and of course they always clean up on DVD's!!  I came home with quite a bit of stuff, but here is the best stuff:

I am not sure of the age of these dolls, but they look old.  The little one on the right is marked "TOMY", and you wind her up and she crawls.  The one on the left has arms and legs that move up and down and her eyes open and close.  They need a little cleaning though. 

The little alarm clock on the left is also marked "TOMY" and when you wind him up he rolls sideways, the bell rings and his minute and hour hands roll around.  The furry bear I think has glass eyes and has a sticker on him that says "West Germany".  I got the dolls and these 2 items from a lady who "had no idea where they came from", she just found them in her stuff when she was cleaning.  I am not even sure what I am going to do with any of it, but she left me have all if it for $1.

And more cookbooks for .25. I really dont need anymore of these, but I just cant resist them, especially when they have all the old clippings and handwritten recipes in them.  Plus, maybe that Junior Cookbook will get the kids cooking and I can sit and relax while they mess up the kitchen beyond repair...on second thought, I will cook!!

And last I wanted to show these towels I got from Angie of Norththreads.  I purchased the two little pot holders a while back and loved them so much that I asked her if she cold make me a set of tea towels to match.  I think they turned out PERFECT, and I love the rickrack trim.  They look great in my kitchen.  She has an etsy account under Norththreads and is also on Flickr....go check out her goodies.

Gonna be a rainy day, so I am heading to BJ's to get my weekly case of waffles, 2 pound jug of syrup, 3 gallons of milk...etc.....cant wait to see the bill..LOL..

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Show N Tell & Giveaway Winner

Just a quick pop in to join the Show N Tell Sunday Bling and to announce the April Giveaway Winner. We have a big group of us going to see the play "Hotbed Hotel" and then to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant, so I am pressed for time (as I sit here typing with my wet hair). I have just a small collection of old jewelry, but lots of Vintage Raggedy Ann jewelry so I included a few pictures of them.  I couldnt get all the pictures of the Raggedy Ann jewelry because some of it is diplayed on a wall and the pictures looked horrible.  Here are my pictures:

This is some of my mom and grandmas jewelry that they have given me.

I LOVE the pink beaded pin and earrings, which I picked up at a yardsale for a few dollars and the colored rhinestone earrings I got a few weeks ago at the church for .50. Bargains are so much fun!!!

My favorite Christmas piece, even the little kids in my sons class love to look at it and play with it when I wear it at christmas.

I never wear the Raggedy Ann jewelry but I just love it and have a few pieces from my childhood.

Disney charm bracelets.  The Winnie The Pooh and Mary Poppins are mine from when I was a kid, the rest I have found at thrift stores, and the one at the top is the one I bought at Disney and each time I go back I get a few more charms.

Hope you enjoyed my little collection, when I get home tonight I will visit the other blogs to see check out their collections.  AND, the winner of the April Giveaway was Karla of SugarBearDesigns.  Congratulations!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April Giveaway

Well, it seems like forever since I have updated my blog.  Once I got my computer fixed (and bought a laptop as well, just in case), my TV blew up, so it was back to the big electronics store to spend my tax refund!!  Mostly I have been busy with my parents.  My dad had surgery on his knee cap so he is unable to drive for a few weeks and I have had to tote my mom back & forth to dialysis, getting groceries, cleaning their house, cutting their grass, trying to keep my own house in order.  They are both in their 80's so they need help with things as is.  But another week and my dad should be back to driving and running errands. OH...Daughtry just came on the radio....gosh that voice, I could just melt, between him and Steve Perry from Journey, I could just disolve when I hear them sing~~~..okay, back to reality!!

I have a few pictures of things I have purchased recently and also I have just a small giveaway this month, but I love the little box it comes in, so "ON with the pictures.  I bought this paper mache bunny from Jenny of Everyday is a Holiday, it came wrapped so pretty and even her business card is to die for.  I am still in the middle of cleaning house, so once that is done, I have to find the perfect spot to display it.  I envy her talent to paint like she does, just amazing.  I can hardly draw a stick figure, its just not there.

And this pretty wrapping paper from Sadie Lou's shop Nickel Candy.  One of them has a cloth-like texture to it, really neato!!  I think I am going to use it to make my bags with matching tags.  She has alot of really cute supplies in her shop, and it goes fast, I have missed out on a few things I have wanted because I was busy with something and figured I could come back later to get it and "POOF", its gone!!

And now, here is the April Giveaway.  Inside the cute little pink & white polka dot suitcase is a small mint vanilla candle (smells so good), 2 pink tissue paper carnations, angel made out of a doily, small pink roses, round scalloped tags, felt flower cut-outs, old pink flower sequins, 8 old greeting cards (great images for tags), and 4 sheets of stationary from the 70's, its really GROOVY!!.  Just leave a comment and I will enter your name to win.  Will pick the winner on Friday.  Good Luck.  It's going to be 72 today so I am off to wash sheets to hang on the line and get the weeds out of my front flower bed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm BACK!!

Did you know there are no support groups for people whose computers have died....and I really think I could have used one.  It's amazing how much I depend on this thing.  I went ahead and bought a laptop, but still hoping that my desktop is fixable so that my kids can use that one and keep their grubby paws off my new one.  I am still learning how to use this little pad instead of the mouse...takes some getting used to.  Oh, and our TV blew up as must have been done the same time the computer was, but just took a little while longer to die ( we had a storm and I think when the power surged, it messed everything up.)  Anyway, I have a few pictures of some goodies I found on my trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland when I went to visit my sister and cousins.  I didnt get to stay as long as I would have liked, I wanted to hit more thrift stores.  There was one place we went to called The Barn that was at a nunnery (is that right?) and was run by the nuns....stuff was cheap or FREE.  I got cookbooks and the kids got if they needed anymore of those!!  Here are a few of my finds:

Really pretty Lefton Southern Belle Planter in great condition and a vintage bunny rabbit.

I am not sure how to tell if Milk Glass is old or not, but they were only .50 a piece and I thought I could use them in the bathroom for cotton balls, q-tips, etc.

And last is a 1/2 find.  Only the angel head is a find, the rest I crafted.  I came across 3 vintage angel head pics, 2 brunette and 1 blonde, they still have the "made in Japan" stickerson the wings and have been wanting to do something with them.  Well when I went to the Big Flea a few months ago I knew what I had to do.  A man was selling vintage christmas items and he had 3 angels with heads almost like mine and their bodies were cone shape and covered in HOT pink feathers, each one was holding an instrument, for the 3 of them he wanted $75..YIKES.  So since I have had time on my hands with no computer I dug them out and made one with a cone styrofoam body, pink boas, vintage chenille arms, vintage forget me nots, pink pearl necklace and I glittered her wings up a bit. Her halo has a bit of pink boa on it, but I apparently cut that out of the picture. I left the "made in japan" sticker on her wings since I couldnt bear to take it off, if it has stayed on this long then it deserves to be there.  I think the next one I am going to use some pink feathers, but mine dont look as christmasy as the ones did at the antique show.  Well, I am gathering things for my giveaway which I will be posting in a few days, but for now I am off to hopefully catch up on some emails, flickr pictures and blogs.