Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April Giveaway

Well, it seems like forever since I have updated my blog.  Once I got my computer fixed (and bought a laptop as well, just in case), my TV blew up, so it was back to the big electronics store to spend my tax refund!!  Mostly I have been busy with my parents.  My dad had surgery on his knee cap so he is unable to drive for a few weeks and I have had to tote my mom back & forth to dialysis, getting groceries, cleaning their house, cutting their grass, etc....plus trying to keep my own house in order.  They are both in their 80's so they need help with things as is.  But another week and my dad should be back to driving and running errands. OH...Daughtry just came on the radio....gosh that voice, I could just melt, between him and Steve Perry from Journey, I could just disolve when I hear them sing~~~..okay, back to reality!!

I have a few pictures of things I have purchased recently and also I have just a small giveaway this month, but I love the little box it comes in, so "ON with the pictures.  I bought this paper mache bunny from Jenny of Everyday is a Holiday, it came wrapped so pretty and even her business card is to die for.  I am still in the middle of cleaning house, so once that is done, I have to find the perfect spot to display it.  I envy her talent to paint like she does, just amazing.  I can hardly draw a stick figure, its just not there.

And this pretty wrapping paper from Sadie Lou's shop Nickel Candy.  One of them has a cloth-like texture to it, really neato!!  I think I am going to use it to make my bags with matching tags.  She has alot of really cute supplies in her shop, and it goes fast, I have missed out on a few things I have wanted because I was busy with something and figured I could come back later to get it and "POOF", its gone!!

And now, here is the April Giveaway.  Inside the cute little pink & white polka dot suitcase is a small mint vanilla candle (smells so good), 2 pink tissue paper carnations, angel made out of a doily, small pink roses, round scalloped tags, felt flower cut-outs, old pink flower sequins, 8 old greeting cards (great images for tags), and 4 sheets of stationary from the 70's, its really GROOVY!!.  Just leave a comment and I will enter your name to win.  Will pick the winner on Friday.  Good Luck.  It's going to be 72 today so I am off to wash sheets to hang on the line and get the weeds out of my front flower bed.


karla512 said...

Hopefully no more big appliance purchases are in your future.  Hope your dad is doing well.  Quite the score on the wrapping paper - I love it!

skyekatherine123 said...

That wrapping paper is absolutely beautiful! Love it.

liveinp said...

Wow that is a lot you are doing and its so nice of your to help your parents.
I also want to say your art work is awesome.

dymondjewel said...

Count me in Mary!  



spiritskr6@yahoo.com said...

Yeah I Love these sweet little things such wonderful goodies
count me in I love your flickr photo stream

spiritskr6 at yahoo dot com

peterndiane said...

Mary Hope Dad is doing better I understand it is alot of work when one of them is down. I love Sadie's wrapping paper I missed out on that one but I got a group of the new stuff! Yes oh yes enter me in your give away (:
Hugs, Diane

kben1334@sbcglobal.net said...

YOur blog is so cute!  I just found it!  Please enter me in the giveaway and come see my blog when you get a chance!  karen b...