Monday, July 28, 2008

Quik Post

Just a quick post since I have been neglecting my blog.  First I should have posted this last Monday, but I did do the drawing and Miss Suzy of Georgia Peachez won the blog giveaway and she has already received it.  Now I need to get something together for August.

Also thanks to everyone for your purchases for the CSSTeam Christmas in July promotion.  I am getting everything mailed out today, I got a little behind with some unexpected company over the weekend and then my mom took sick and is in the hospital.  She has had a rough 6 years battling colon cancer, emphysema, gout, and now she is on dialysis and every week it seems to be something else wrong. 

And last I am trying to figure out how to put blog buttons on my blog.  Heidi of Everyday Cookies gave me a few pointers.  I did get the lollishops button on there, but I dont think its "clickable" (or whatever). 

Hopefully I can catch up this week on my blog!!


hwoodred said...

Hey Mary!  You're getting added one button!  After you added the image, the "clickable" URL that you posted sends us to the Flicker site with the image.  Is that where you wanted us to go?   You are on the right track!  After a few more times you'll be a pro!  

Congrats to Suzy for the win!

Everyday Cookies

karla512 said...

I know how you feel!  Hard to stay on top of things.  I hope your mother is okay.