Monday, January 14, 2008

New Projects & Purchases

Last week was really busy, so this week I am staying home and getting some things done.  Today I spent ALL day cleaning up all my craft supplies.  I bought a bunch of pearl beads and sequins from Michaels and AC Moore that they had on clearance and they needed to find a container instead of sitting in bags on my floor.  Of course when they put things on clearance it usually means that they wont be carrying them anymore, which is why I bought almost all they had. 

And last week my sons science fair project was due, or should I say MY science fair project.  When I was in school they were pretty simple, but now they have all these "requirements", and I am not very handy on the computer when it comes to doing graphs, which is one of the requirements.  Luckily I have neighbors who are computer nerds and can whip up a couple of them in no time flat.  I just hope MY science fair project was as good as some of the other parents.....some of them are real good at the graphic arts thing and the projects come in looking like a presentation for NASA.  Oh well, at least its over...but year I will have to do 2 of them since my 2nd grader will be required to do one...I better get started now!!

Okay, now on to some new projects and purchases.  Here is a ornament I got from Sadie Lou, they are called Betsy ornaments and I had to have one since my daughters name is Betsy, plus the ornaments are just plain adorable.  Sadie Lou is super nice and will custom make one for you.  She has some really cute Valentine items in her Etsy shop as well.  You can find her blog listed over there on the left (still cant figure out how to do the link). And Thank You Sadie for featuring me on your blog!

These little glitter house  I bought on Etsy from a shop called Pieceful Bits.  I was going to use them for Easter and sit my vintage chickens and bunnies around them, but she said she was thinking about making some pastel ones for Easter, so I may check back and save these for christmas.

This is really bad, but did you ever make something and not really know if you like it or not, well, that is how I feel about this ornament.  I usually only make the beaded/sequined ornaments for Christmas and Easter, but thought I would try one for Valentines...its a pink satin ball with crystal and red beads, pink ribbon and pink roses.  What do you honest, I dont mind.  I think I would like it better if I saw it hanging on a white tree with a bunch of other red and pink it is

I have started on my eggs, this one is decorated with vintage lavender floral trim, lavender sequins and beads.  Sometimes people want a grouping of about 6 of them in pastel colors and display them in a basket and sometimes they want hangers on them to hang on a Easter tree.  I have a vintage plastic Bunny pulling a cart that I like to put mine in, but I did buy a small metal tree that I might use this year.

And these are in my Etsy shop right now.

Okay, I have obviously been on here too long because my kids are telling me that I need to see what happened in the living room...better go check that out!!  Have a good night.


peterndiane said...

Oh my gosh Mary you are soooo funny reading your blog made me giggle, oh do I remember all those wonderful Science Fair projects my husband and I did. And wow all the other crazy and I mean crazy ones other parents did. I love your egg it is beautiful I will have to visit your Shop


karla512 said...

I think your Valentine's ornament is lovely!  Maybe if you incorporated a heart it would feel more Valentinesy?  

I love your little chick wreath.  The colors and sparkle are perfect.  

I have a Betsy ornament as well and just ordered two more for V-Day gifts.  They are too cute and Sadie Lou is a sweetie.

Karla said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, Mary!
I love those new ornaments you're doing and the glitter houses from Julie are divine!
If you ever need help with computer/craft related stuff like pictures, blogging, etsy, whatever--just ask! I'm one of those people that loves to do that kind of thing. I had fun playing with your pictures when I listed them on my blog.
~Sadie Lou