Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just Rambling

So, its going to be a nice 80 degrees today and I decided to wash some bedspreads and etc, then decided to mop the upstairs floors.  Well in the hallway up there is a grate in the floor, it was used when my husbands parents had a wood stove in the basement and that was their only heat....it would rise up through these floor grates. Anyway, it get pretty dirty with the kids and dog trampling over it all the time.  And they can never just step over it, they HAVE to walk on it.  I lift the grate up and vacuum it off and sit it to the side and told myself "now remember that the grate is out and dont step there"  Here is where the alzheimers sets in and not 30 seconds later as I was mopping I backed up and stepped into the hole.  Now if you had of been here you would have been laughing at me because I had one leg hanging through the floor & ceiling and it was dangling down in the living room.  I now have 2 huge bruises and bumps on my legs.  Plus I have to tell my husband that the bottom part of the grate needs to be fixed since I stretched the springs out way beyond repair.

Okay, this was an impulse buy.  The lady was going to throw it away and told me to take it for $2.  She said she bought it at a school auction a long time ago and it was used in the kindergarten room as a coat rack. It has been well loved and does show signs of being abused by 5 year olds, but I couldnt let her throw him away.  I'm just not sure what to do with him.  Also, see that field behind him.  He is in my front yard, then there is the dirt road and then that field.  My neighbors have been plowing their fields for planting thier produce (as we have too), but it creates so much DUST!!!  The house, cars, windows, are covered in dust, but I guess its all worth it in the end when we are eating BLT's, Corn-on-the-cob, cucumbers and watermelons!!

I know it is no where near christmas but the ornaments I make are pretty time consuming so I only get about 2 a week made and therefore start working on them in the summer so that I have enough for the craft fairs.  But they are so much fun to make and I think these colors could stay out all year long.  My kids love the aqua one the best. 

Tummy's growling....time to eat lunch!!  P.S.  Thanks Karla, glad you liked last months giveaway.  I am currently getting Mays together now, so check back!


speckledegg07 said...

Oh no!!!  I hope you are ok!!!  I do stuff like that alllll the time.  Just yesterday I opened an *almost* above-head cabinet in the kitchen, when I dropped what I was reaching for.  I bent down to get it and I told myself not to stand up because I will bump my head... well, I completely forgot like 2 seconds later, and stood up and crashed my head into the corner of the cabinet... nearly knocked myself out!  Yikes!!!

That giraffe is just too cute!!!!  And your ornaments.... WOW!  A labor of love!

karla512 said...

Ouch!  Thank goodness it wasn't worse that it was.  I think the giraffe is darling!  Maybe you can turn him into a lawn ornament with some small flower pots hanging from the handles.

peterndiane said...

Mary, I really think I have found my long lost twin.... I too always have some kind of bruise cut  sprain you name it because of all your same reasons. And I never remember that inner voice reminding me to watch out etc.... What a funny little coat rack. You must keep us all up to date on your planting. (:
Hugs, Diane