Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweet Revenge!

My 13 year old daughters greatest joy in life is to aggravate me, but in a fun way. If I am working on a craft she will casually walk by and swipe one of my supplies, then stand by and watch as I turn the house upside down looking for it.....all the while she has it behind her back, just holding back laughter. Or I will make a glass of ice water, and I like to sit it on the counter for a few minutes so it gets nice and cold...I come back....its gone or "someone" has drank it. Most recently she knew I was anticipating a package from Julie of Pieceful Bits. She always picks up the mail on her way in from the busstop and recognized the package and quickly hijacked and wouldnt let me have it....we struggled and I can tell you it wasnt pretty, but I won because I'm the momma. Anyway, it is very hard to get back at her because she is really laid back and hardly anything bothers her EXCEPT, my vintage wind-up clocks!!! SO, I gathered them all up, wound them up, and put them on the shelf in the bathroom......DRIVES her nuts in the morning, thats my payback. I, of course, love them, even if the bathroom is right outside my door and I have to listen to that ticking all night :)


Diane said...

The funniest part about your Post is each clock has a different time! You gotta love that (:
Hugs, Diane

KatCollects said...

LOL, I have a 13 year old Daughter too, they sound alot alike : )I love all the clocks, so pretty all displayed together.

Lori said...

hee hee!!! your daughter sounds like she is a lot of fun Mary!!!

shabbyscraps said...

Hi Sweetie! I owe you a HUGE belated thank you for letting Kathy get one of the cute little bunny girls you made! she gave it to me for my birthdya, and I adore it, it is one of my favorite things in my craft room!
Have a great day!
xoxo, Tiffany

The Pink Door said...

ha ha ha, that's a funny story..ahhh to be a teenage girl, I must admit I was hard on my mom at times, and now we are the best of friends :)

Eartha Kitsch said...

Aha! Pretty sneaky!

Sonya said...

Nicely Done! I think you won that little battle:)

Annette said...

that is really cute, one of my sons does stuff like that and I can never get mad at him because he's having too much fun with it all. :)
Those clocks are a happy reminder of my Oma and Opa because they had several just like them.
Happy Saturday to you Mary!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

What a delightful blog you have! Enjoyed my visit! ~Maryjane

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I just had to stop over and tell you how much I LOVE your work! Your items in Lollishops are so pretty :) I think I am going to have to get me some Valentine clowns :)


Pieceful Bits said...

LOL I know why you were so frustrated when the package arrived. What a great payback and the clocks are great! I love my valentine clown!!!