Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Baby Things

After 6 months, my dad and I are finally finished cleaning out my moms rooms, she just had so much stuff, I even found her report cards from 1937-1939, First Communion Certificate from 1936, and lots of other neat papers. Also came across some of my baby things...not in the greatest shape, but considering how OLD they are...lol!! Here are a few of the things.
Poor Baby, looks like the moths have gotten to her clothes, you wind her up and she crawls, I played with her until I was about 6-7, she used to have a hat, but I guess that is long gone.

The little kitty is also not in the best shape, but when you wind her up she still walks. I am going to find a spot in my bedroom to put these.
I LOVE the little hairbrushes, I didnt have any hair, so they didnt get used much as a baby. My aunt made the little shaw, hat and matching booties. She is 83 and still makes baby blankets, baby clothes....."just in case" anyone has a baby.

There were quite a few of these little cotton shirts, but I thought these were the cutest, one on the left has a little rabbit and that pocket on the other one is just too cute. They are stained, as is all of them, I am afraid to wash them though.
I think I like the box the shoes came in better than the shoes. You can tell which ones were my "walker" shoes. My parents believed kids should have shoes on the second they were born...well, I raised my kids the opposite, they never had any shoes until they were walking well on their own. As soon as my first child starting showing signs that she was thinking about walking, my mom said I had to go to Stride-Rite and get those $60 shoes...NOT! I am barefoot most of the time and so are my kids, therefore they wont have any baby shoes to reminisce about.

And last is my rattle engraved with my name and date of birth and the little bracelet they put on you in the hospital....how cute, I guess they would be considered a safety hazard these days thats why we get those generic plastic bands! Hope I didnt bore you too much with my baby blabbing, its just kinda neat to come across things that you thought were long gone.


Lori said...

Mary, that is so sweet that you have those treasures...i wish my mom had saved more!!!

Diane said...

What a lovely find, how sweet to find your old baby shoes I just love them, and the best I think is that rattle, now how cute is that! I have my baby Book that is about it!

KatCollects said...

I love all of your baby things. I am so glad that your Mom kept them so you have the treasures. My little baby bracelet looks alot like yours expect my last name had 13 letters in it and they spelled it completely wrong, LOL.

Nina said...

Such sweet baby stuff.Your mom was a amazing woman.♥

Lori said...

Mary, i was here yesterday and there was only one picture...i love that sweet kitty, you can tell he was well loved...and the little shirts are adorable...i came over to tell you that my sewing machine looks so clean because it never gets used and it is stored with a cover on it...i am SO NOT a seamstress!!!

Pieceful Bits said...

What treasures...love the shoes, even though you dont;) I always loved the beaded name bracelets. Wouldnt that have been fun to be the one to make them at the hospital for all the newly bundled arrivals? LOL always thinking of the crafty side.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Dearest Mary, your fabulous and fantastic giveaway was waiting for me in my mailbox today! I sent my daughter out to get the mail, asI am still sick, and it really put a big smile on my pale face when she came back with your package in hand. You truly outdid yourself with all the wonderful goodies and creations. I can't wait to share them all on my blog...as soon as I am feeling better! Thanks so very much for your generosity!

I love all of your old baby stuff too...so special. Thanks for sharing.

Stay Cozy,

Claudie said...

So glad to see your post about your precious baby items. I only have pics, no bracelet no shoes, nothing. My mother never kept a thing. Lucky you and precious mom.
Love Claudie
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Thanks so much Mary.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Hey Mary, I just wanted you to know that I put up a post about your wonderful giveaway today. Thanks again for everything!

Sweet Romance said...

Oh what sweet items! Love them ALL!!!

Monica said...

this is amazing stuff!!! I love it, it is not boring at all, so interesting!

The Pink Door said...

wow there's some really special goodies! That so special that your mom kept those things. ;)

The Pink Door

creative breathing said...

This was a most amazing post Mary! I hope you will look through Jenny B's blog to see that you can wash your old baby shirts and get the stains out. She did. The doll is just too adorable, the kitten and rattle as well. I loved your theory on shoes! It must have been the generation. So funny. I wanted to let you know you are eligible for my giveaway, and here I find the loveliest of posts! Check back Thursday! Elizabeth

Claudie said...

Stopping in to say hi.
It's been a long time. Hope all is well Mary.
Love Claudie

Lori said...

Mary, where have you been? i hope everything is ok...i just saw the comment you left about my trip to Leesburg...it really is the most charming place, i hope you get to go...i would also recommend a stop to the antique malls we visited in maryland...i'm not sure of the town, but if you are going, let me know and i will find out from Heather!!!

icandy... said...

So sweet~ finding bits and pieces of our childhood... I love the wind-up kitty and your rattle and bracelet! These are true treasures!

Christina :)

LaurieStar said...

Hi - I found you while blog hopping! Love all the pink on your blog! :) Cool that you found your old toys.

Lori said...

Mary dear, i was just going over my blog list and realized you haven't posted in such a long time...i hope all is well with you!!!

claudie said...

Mary mary where are you my dear friend?
Are you OK?
Please let us know.
Love Claudie

Lori said...

Mary, i was thinking about you today...i hope everything is well!!!

Lori said...

Mary, i swear i am not stalking you...i miss seeing you here...i hope everything is well:)

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eyelashes long said...

What a lovely find, how sweet to find your old baby shoes I just love them, and the best I think is that rattle, now how cute is that! I have my baby Book that is about it!

Eyelashes grow back said...

My little baby bracelet looks alot like yours expect my last name had 13 letters in it and they spelled it completely wrong, LOL.

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Found your blog, these were lovely baby things of yours, not just a bunch of toys and garments but a treasure to be considered even years passes by.