Sunday, June 8, 2008

Schools Out!

Well, school is officially out because Monday is Fun Day, where the school is going to be set up like a carnival.  I am hoping they move everything indoors with the exception of the water balloons because we are in the middle of a heat wave with 100 degree days.....and guess what.....we dont have airconditioning!!  Which is commom for old houses in the north, we have window units, but I just dont like the noise, so I guess I will be Shopping to stay cool!!!  We have had some wild weather here lately, last wednesday we had severe storms and tornados, just as the kids were getting on the buses the tornado came through and they shuffled them back into school until everything had passed.  Of course they bigger kids thought that was just "cool".  Then Thursday schools were closed due to power outages from the storms.

The heat couldnt keep me away from yardsales though.  This Saturday we went to a yardsale at a old barn that is on a catholic retreat and run by nuns and priests.  They only have sales a few times a year but they really need to do something with the barn.  I was down in one of the stalls where the christmas stuff was and there was a lady upstairs attempting to sweep the floor above me.  There are 3 inch cracks between all the boards so as she is sweeping, all the dirt is coming down on me, plus my boys were up there running around hollering through the floor to me of things they had found.   When we came out of there they boys were filthy.  But I did find some good things:

The little angels are stamped Japan, the hat box isnt old, but I thought it would be pretty to hold some supplies.  I had to clean up the little beaded doll,she was rather dusty and the crochet dress needs a good soaking.

Still trying toget my teeny tiny kitchen in order, these are few things I have picked up in the last few weeks here and there.  There will be lots of red!!

Last week was a good week for thrifty buys....I LOVE all of this stuff, especially the angel.

I should hang my head in shame over this picture, but I am working on getting it in order.  I have ADD I think, I get something in my head, pull out the supplies to work on it, get halfway through it...then think of another project and pull out supplies for that one and get half way through, so I have about 5 projects half way done and supplies for about 50 projects pulled out!!

And last is the June Giveaway......2 really nice books, one is Retro Barbecue and the other is Entertaining with Longaberger Celebrating the Seasons....lots of good recipes, decorating & crafting ideas, etc.  just leave a comment to win.  I will pick a winner on Monday June 16.  We are heading to hershey park this coming weekend, I am hoping to cure my chocolate addiction by taking a tour of the factory, you sometimes you smell the stuff being made and it just turns your stomach, but I have a feeling it will have the opposite affect on me and I will be toting home a 10 pound Hershey Chocolate Bar as a souvenir of my travels!!  LOL





whinendine126 said...

You have a great blog and I would love to win those cookbooks........They are amazing.  I know we would be great friends.  HA HA...   Nothing like a good find.  It is hard to find things in my area of Florida, and I just got home from hunting bargains at Michaels.  HA HA.

hwoodred said...

Yay!  Summer!  I *love* all your finds, you sure know how to find the treasures!   I'd love to be entered in your drawing, both books look great!
Everyday Cookies

karla512 said...

You really did find some great stuff.  Wow - no ac!?  We have window units as well - they make some fairly quiet ones now.  We have one loud one that we don't use that often unless we really need to cool down.

peterndiane said...

School is out yeah... well I guess you will have more fun playing no kids homework or school projects.. lot's of thrifting you have the best luck. I love red in kitchens great accent color. Mary I have fallen in love with your gift for baby Amelie, check out my blog Breezy hung it in her room (: You are a doll
Hugs, Diane