Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer is Here!!

Well summer is here at my house since at the moment I have 2 small critter cages on my kitchen with a baby snake in it and one with an injured baby bird in it....Oh, the joy of boys!!!  I really dont mind either one since I am an animal person, but on my kitchen table....C'mon boys..take 'em outside!!  I just set a tent up in the backyard for them, so hopefully they will take them out there. 

We had a great trip to Hershey. I had a pass to get 8 people in for free, so we loaded up my van with 8 people and headed to PA.  My daughter had 2 of her friends go and the boys had one of their friends, so I wasnt going to be stuck with 6 kids alone so luckily one of the girls mom went along with me. We went up a day ahead so we could do the factory tour and do a little sightseeing....all in all everyone had a great time!!  Here is picture of my youngest with the 5 pound hershey bar that I wouldnt buy because of the $30 price tag (and waaaayyy too many calories)

I have been doing entirely too much shopping lately, but I figure that is what my stimulus check was for are some of my recent purchases:

I LOVE this piggy bank, it was horribly dirty and I was worried it was stained, but it was only .33 since so I figured I wouldnt be losing much if it didnt clean up, but with those Mr. Clean Miracle Erasers it came out great!!

I have always wanted one of these but never came across one in my travels.  I spotted this one on and just had to have it, and it was a least in my opinion. I think she still has one more left too.  Now, I just need to find one with a christmas theme.

These have the Napco stickers on them and are numbered.  I got them both on the same day at two different was fate!  I am not good at judging what something is made of, but I believe they are bisque. 

Arent they just so cute!!  They are almost 4 weeks old and starting to get playful, the kids are having a ball with them, they are going to be sad when they are gone.

Now, I am a little late on posting this (As usual), but the winner of the two books is Whinendine!!  Be sure to check back for next months giveaway!!  Have a great weekend!

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karla512 said...

Those puppies are so cute!  How ever will you be able to part with them?!