Friday, December 28, 2007

After Christmas Sales

Hello, hope everyone had a nice christmas with lots of presents, food, family and friends.  I have the smallest house in the family (and I mean small), and for some reason christmas dinner and gift exchange is always at my house.  Its always a challenge wondering where people are going to sit.  Luckily this year the weather was mild so we shooed all the kids outside to the poolhouse to eat, plus we didnt have to worry about them spilling anything out there.  You may think I am a scrooge, but I like to get money for christmas so I can go shopping at the after-christmas sales.  I do get a few gifts to open under my tree from my kids and girlfriends, but I LOVE the sales at Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works and Target after christmas.  This year I added a new one to my list....Macy's.  They had their ornaments 50-75% off the day after.  I didnt make it to the stores the day after, but I did make it the 2nd day after and they still had lots left.  Some of the ornaments were only $1.50, so I bought extras for goodie bags and teachers next year.  Plus every year I buy myself a new Raggedy Ann ornament, luckily they still had some left at 50% off, so it was only $10.


And here are just a few of my goodies from Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works (I wont even tell you how much I spent in those 2 stores).  I also got some good candies from Hickory Farms but I dont think you want to see pictures of sausages and candies.  I LOVE the peppermint cranberry candle from Yankee Candles.  Did anyone else go to the sales!!



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