Sunday, February 3, 2008

DC Big Flea & Antique Show

Yesterday I went to Fredericksburg, VA, which is about an hour and a half from my house to the DC Big Flea & Antique Show.  My dads sister lives there, so I took him with me and dropped him off so he could visit with her for awhile and then me and the kids headed around the corner to the Expo center where it was being held.  Yes, I had to take the kids because my husband is on the night shift and sleeps during the day.  But the kids actually like going to the shows and looks at everything.  First of all the show was a many people and the booths are small, so if a few people are in a booth shopping you basically had to wait until a few came out so you could go in.  I think the guy said there were 400 booths.  The good thing was that their prices werent too high.  Although I still couldnt find what I went there looking for....DARN!!  Here are a few pictures...a big bag of old cards for valentines, christmas, birthday etc. , there were some really cute ones in there.

A set of 6 styrofoam sugared strawberries, when I saw them I thought I would they would look good in my kitchen (since it is red), but now I am just worried they may get messed up in there, so I think I am going to put them in my etsy shop.  They have strings for hanging them

A lady had a box full of bags with items in them for $1 so this is a few of the little things I bought.  I really love the little tin plates, they are so small as you can tell in comparison to the spools.  My kids got a few pieces of jewelry and coins.

After 4 hours of shopping and 3 exhausted kids, my cousins and my dad and aunt and I all went to Cracker Barrel for a little re-fueling.  I LOVE that place and Fredericksburg is the closest one to me.  Of course after we were done eating it was time for some more shopping and this is what I bought in their store.  The little felted bag was only $5.99 and the ornament only $2.99.

I have a few more vintage Easter decorations to show you that I bought, but that will be later.  Time to get the kids to bed and watch my movie....tonight its "Saw IV"....YES, I love gorry, scarry movies!!  Hope everyone had a good weekend.



karla512 said...

Sounds like you got some good stuff!  Where there pictures?  I didn't see any but it could be my computer.
Karla said...

I can't wait to see your shop updates! Send me a convo when you have added some more lovelies to the shop!