Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting Ready for Easter

It was a busy week last week and then Friday the kids were out of school for a small ice storm that came through.  Luckily my daughter, my neighbor and I were still able to go out to dinner and then to the local playhouse to see the play "West Side Story".  I have never seen the movie before so I was surprised that it was a "tragic" love story, I always like the happy endings.  Well, another busy week ahead but I just wanted to post a few things I have been working on and bought.

These are the chenille bunnies and basket I made for a customer from Glitter and Grunge.  Hopefully I will get a few more done to add to my etsy shop.

Set of 3 chenille bunnies in my etsy shop right now.

These are work-in-process, still not done but hopefully will be done in the next few days.  I have run out of ribbon and need to get to the craft store, but A.C. Moores ad comes out on Wednesdays and they have the 40% off coupon that I like to use.  Michaels craft store also has the coupons but for some reason they didnt have an ad this week.

And look at this cute little bunny, he is perched up on one of Julies houses who has a shop on etsy called Piecefulbits.  The tiny bunny I purchased from Hazel, and her shop on etsy is called Blosson Hill Cottons, she has lots of different animals.  She was even nice enough to design a scottie dog for me, which I dont have a picture of because it has already been mailed to my girlfriend in PA. I have since found a cute little easter basket for him to rest in. 

Well, thats all for my update, I am off to take my dad to the doctor, his knee cap has torn away from his knee replacement he had 5 months ago and he has to have surgery to get that sewed back on.  Then Friday I have to take my mom to the doctor, her kidneys are failing so she has to start dialysis soon and they have to "make a vein" since hers are too small.  It is at that point in life where I have to take care of them instead of vice versa, but they are in their 80's so I guess that is to be expected.  Hope everyone has a great week!!


karla512 said...

Those chenille bunnies are so adorable!  I love them.  All of your other goodies as well.  I hope Mom and Dad are okay.  Sounds like there is a lot going on for you.

oolagirl71 said...

So So cute!!!!

jennyeveryday said...

Everything is just so so so sweet!! Your creations are so much fun! So kitschy and fun!

Sending well wishes to your Dad and Mom!

Hope he is up and around soon, and I will be thinking of your mom as well!!

xoox Jenny