Friday, February 8, 2008

Murphys Law & The Bad Dog

Okay, so you ask what he could have done wrong, he looks guilty doesnt he?  He just turned a year old and is a very lovable dog, but as much as we like to think that he is "domesticated", there are times when his hunting gene takes over.  We live on about 200 acres, only 5 is ours, the rest is the neighbors, and we are about a mile back on a dirt road so the dogs around here are not tied or caged.  My neighbor about a 1/2 mile farther down the road from me processes deer during deer hunting season, which is now, and all the parts he does not use, get thrown into the woods or something.  Anyway, my dog being the great hunter that he is will go find these parts and bring them home to me as some sort of gift.  The other day he was scratching at the door to come in and there he stood with a big rack of deer ribs in his mouth, tail a wagging as if to say "Hey, look what I found, lets play".  I was like "EWW", I slammed the door and run and got a plastic bag to get it away from him, of course he thought I was playing.  Anyway, he has since brought a few deer legs and a few unidentifiable parts, luckily no heads.  Everytime I let him out I warn him not to go over there, and I watch him, but I think he is taking the back way because I am still finding things......I will be soooo glad when deer season is over!!

Now, onto Murphys Law...On Tuesday it was 70 degrees here, not the norm for Feb. so I decided to wash the kids sheets and hang them outside.  On my way out the back door, I feel down the concrete steps with the tub of laundry and sprained my foot.  I have broken my left ankle 5 times from the ages of 8-16 so I knew it wasnt broken and I continued about the day hobbling around washing floors, scrubbing toilets, etc.  About 6pm it started to really ache, was bruised and had a big goose egg on it, and the pain was getting worse.  So, my husband decides I need to go to the emergency room, but that is not the bad part.  I wanted to take a shower before I went, but NOOO, we had to go right then.  Needless to say I wasnt expecting to go inpublic that day and had my hair up in a ponytail, no makeup, cleaning clothes on and probably smelly, and that is how I had to go to the emergency room....and of course I had to run into a few people I knew, its always the way.  It couldnt have happened on a day when I was dressed for the occasion!  Anyway, I am off the crutches today and limping a little but its not bad (I even snuck out to the thrift stores while no one was watching).  Found some goodies too, a few things for ebay, more old easter grass and bunnies and a pink tote bag for my library books.  I am off to put all this stuff away before I am caught.


karla512 said...

Oh how lovely those little gifts must be!  I have a mini schnauzer so she is pretty small - she almost caught a squirrel the other day.  I'm not sure what she would have done - killed it or tried to play with it!  I hope your ankle is okay.

peterndiane said...

OMG Mary I would die if those kind of animal body parts were even close to my front door...
Oh wow that is creepy girlfriend, deer "PARTS" maybe you should have a scifi Blog. And you going to get a plastic bag and do what.... pick it up OMG... You brave soul.
   I felt so bad when I heard about your fall are you ok? Keep that foot elevated, man you had a crazy week! Take care (: