Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thrift Store finds & Recent Purchases

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day, I really enjoyed looking at all the swap goodies, lots of great treasures!!  We havent really celebrated Valentines Day yet, after the kids parties at school and the school dance, I was too pooped to go out, so maybe this weekend.  My foot is feeling better, they gave me a "boot" to wear for a few weeks and orders to not do anything strenous.  SO, I figured shopping is relaxing for me and I headed to the thrift store.  Here are some of my goodies from Friday that I found:

Pretty Pink doilies for my bedroom dressers

I am going to use these for my Easter decorations, they look as if they are stained, but it must have been the lighting.

I love this earring and pin set, although I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet...wear it, display it, use it in a craft.  They still have the little "made in japan" hang tags on them, and for $2, I couldnt leave them sitting there.  I also bought the mouse just because it was cute, but I dont particulary care for mice (except the ones in Cinderella).  Now that I am looking at these pictures, I see some sort of shadow on the left side of all my pictures...must have been bad lighting.

Also, got these crocheted doll clothes, I have a few old dolls that I am hoping will fit these clothes.  Such a pretty spring color. 

Well that is it for my thrift store goodies, total for the day was $9 andsome change.  Now, I will go for the next few weeks and not find a darn thing, thats how it goes, you just have to hit it at the right moment.   I have also made a few purchases, first are these super super cute pastel houses made by Julie, she has an etsy shop called Pieceful Bits.  (Okay, I am not sure if I am doing this link thing right, hopefully it works) . I am going to set these little houses up with my Easter decorations.  I had bought a few of her houses "after christmas" and was sad to put them away, so I am so happy to be able to enjoy these for awhile.

I have alot of red in my kitchen, I like the retro diner look and when I saw these little coasters I knew they would be perfect, but I am hanging them up, they are not going to risk getting messed up by being used.  They are actually a little bigger than coasters, could be used as potholders.  I just love the the little tea pot and tea cup.  These come from Angela at or you can visit her at Glitter and Grunge or her etsy shop (there goes that link thing again).  She has one more set of these left...very cute and well made!!

And last I want to show you something my aunt made my for my birthday which was in August, but she just found it..LOL. I usually dont like my birthstone, but it looks pretty on this angel, but what I really like are the flowers.  She does quilling and all those little flowers are quilled.  Whenever we get a chance, she is going to sit down and show me how to do it.  I remember doing it quite a few years ago and getting frustrated with it, so now that I am older and have more patience (haha) maybe it will be easier. 







suzyspence said...

Love all your pretties!  You had a good shopping day at the thrifts!  xo, suzy

galady145g said...

I love all of your thrift finds!  And the little pastel houses are cute as can be!  Can't wait to see some of your quilling! That is another one of my projects. Bought supplies, but haven't had time to start. I love the angel your aunt made!
Thank you too for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment on my hand painted eggs. Do you think maybe that you found me thru the Etsy Cottage Style sellers. I  am a member there and I think that you are too. I know that I have visited your shop, so maybe that's where you found me. So nice to meet you!

peterndiane said...

Mary, Love all your wonderful finds, I just love those sugar Houses So darling, I would love to make those or something like them.

Hugs, Diane